Engineering Office Dipl.-Ing. T.Autschbach 


     - Comprehensive, single-source engineering services -


  • All sectors                                                      24-hours service

  • 2D / 3D-Design,construction,drawings & revision service    

  • Survey of machines, facilities, plants and equipment         

  • Prototyping, sampling, special- & apparatus engineering

  • Reproduction and substitution of components and parts  

  • Automation, mechanisation, optimizing & redesign

  • 3D drawings from 2D-sketches and -drawings of any kind

  • Modulising, standardization and adaption

  • Device inspection and testing,  flaw & potential analysis

  • Project design, coordination, control, network analysis

  • All documentations like manuals etc. and their translations

  • Application programming, data processing & tools            

  • System-free CAD without necessity of special applications



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