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We offer all constructions and drawings classical 2D based as well as in 3D design, compatible with all current CAD systems. This includes engineering of new machines, modules and parts as well as the redesign of existing 2D drawings and drawing sets into 3D documents, moreover the modification of existing 2D- and 3D parts, machines and plants.





NEW : The RuhrTech STEP-file Parts List Reader; A system-independent Application for direct extraction of parts- and parts list data from 3D files .step and .stp without necessity of a 3D system or -application. 




The extracted data can be inserted into other applications using copy-and-paste or are directly shown in an Excel table (MS Excel needed) for further parts list setup. Most simple program operation and detailed data display, no installation needed (stand-alone application).


The new parts list function allows to create prepared parts list automatically as DIN A4 horizontal or vertical sheets. The lists can be equipped with customer’s entries or logos etc. on request.



Additionally, this application can be used for any other file type containing part data following the STEP conventions.


Application for Windows operating systems, 260 kB; a free test version with limited function is available on request.












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